Technology in Retail

Signagelive is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that allows you to effectively deliver media to you screens.  Built from the ground up with the aim of making delivering content easier, all you need to get up and running is an Internet connection and a browser.

Naturally you’ll need something to run your awesome content one, but rest assured that Signagelive will work on most modern PC’s as well as hardware built specifically for the task.  If you want any help on this give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Traditionally, Windows PCs have been used for playback digital signage media content, but things are changing.  There are a range of digital signage players that utilise the SMIL open standard and when combined with the signagelive® Virtual Player offers unrivalled price, performance and scalability.

Our range of signagelive® player software can be downloaded and installed on any Windows PC, Linux device and Mac. You are free to choose which operating system and hardware you want to use from your preferred manufacturer.

In addition to our software only offering, we have partnered with leading hardware manufacturers who specialise in creating devices suitable for unattended long-term use, perfect for Digital Signage applications.

Hardware manufacturer partners fall into two categories, non-PC devices and PC-based devices. Both have their merits, with non-PC hardware players offering incredible price/performance when combined with our signagelive® Virtual Player licence, whilst Windows based PCs running the signagelive® Display Edition offer maximum media content, application support and functionality.

Signagelive Layout DesignerThings like the layout designer allow you to create great layouts quickly and easily, incorporating things like QR Codes, RSS feeds, Websites, PIP and of course your own media assets using drag and drop funtionality from the dashboard

With the ability to switch to different layouts or full screen content during playback, getting your message across has never been easier.

For more details, a demonstration or a free 30 day trial give us a call on 01455 553550 or email us at